Renegades Gym (Kelly Bolish Gymnasium)

2950 Turnpike Drive, Hatboro PA  19040

  High Line Medals

17s-Jan 2015-Silver in silver playoffs at MLK

16s-Jan 2015-Gold in bronze playoffs at MLK

14s-Feb 2015-Silver at LB Girls 14 Mixed

15sFeb 2015-Gold in silver playoffs at PDC

17s-Feb 2015-Gold in gold playoffs at PDC

14s-Mar 2015-Gold in Volleyball East AAU






14 Black Wins Gold at Millersville

​14 Black took home the Gold Medal at an AAU tournament this past Sunday, March 1st out at Millersville University.

After dropping the opening set in the championship match, High Line 14 Black blew out a competitive Ballyhoo to take home the 1st place dog tags!


3rd JB Tournament - 3/6/15

Our 3rd JB Tournament of the year is Friday, March 6, 2015, 5:30 PM-9 PM.

JB Tournament Sign-Up list. Please sign up by Monday, March 2, 2015.

Sign-Up Order Player Confirmation Number
1 Molly Ross JB301
2 Christina Foley JB302
3 Holly Gola JB303
4 Dana Bloomfield JB304
5 Bridget McTamney JB305
6 Bridget Jones JB306
7 Gabrielle DeLucca JB307
8 Kelly Schanes JB308
9 Colleen Lang JB309
10 Joy Iacanonianni JB310
11 Catherine Peel JB311
12 Ailene Woznicki JB312
13 Janine Pultorak JB313
14 Bella Straface JB314
15 Bronagh Douglas JB315
16 Grace Majkut JB316
W1 Morgan Tantalo JB3W1
W2 Sarah Holland JB3W2
W3 Shannon Smith JB3W3
W4 Katie Kelm JB3W4
Congratulations to 15s and 17s for great PDC wins this weekend

15s win the silver division, finishing 10th out of 27!

17s win the gold division finishing first overall!

Nice job ladies!

17 Black

15 Black

Penn State Abington Volleyball Camp Announced

Penn State Abington has announced its camp for 2015.

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NEQ Waves announced
Announcing the tentative waves for the first day of the 2015 ASICS NEQ:
AM - 15Open, 15American, 16Open, 16USA
PM - 15USA, 15Select, 16American, 16Select
AM - 17Open, 17USA, 18Open, 18USA
PM - 12National*, 12American*, 17American, 18American
  • High Line 14 Black - 15 Select
  • High Line 15 Black - 15 USA
  • High line 16 Black - 16 USA
  • High Line 17 Black - 17 USA
MLK Results

Congratulations to all High Line teams that competed in the MLK event.

High Line 14 Black finishes 9 out of 46 (Gold Division) in 14 National.
High Line 15 Black finishes 5 out of 27 (Gold Division) in 15 American.
High Line 16 Black finishes 21 out of 35 (Bronze Division winner) in 16 American.
High Line 17 Black finishes 14 out of 44 (Silver Division runner up) in 17 National.

High Line 17 Black

High Line 16 Black

High Line 15 Black

14 Black

Calendar Schedule

Please note that there is now a Calendar Schedule Link in the Resources Tab of the main page. This Calendar will list the practice times, skill sessions, JB Tournaments and Team Tournaments. Once tournaments are finalized in the next few days, the team page, as well as the calendar, will have their tournaments listed. (You must be logged into the website to view the calendar).