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2950 Turnpike Drive, Hatboro PA  19040



High Line looking to offer 18s...

High Line VBC has heard of solid interest in an 18s team for 2015.  To that end, High Line is accepting registrations for an 18s team to determine interest.  If enough interest is shown by 10/3 via tryout pre-registrations, High Line will begin preparations to host a team in 2015 at the 18s level.  If not, all monies collected for 18s registrations will be refunded.  If High Line determines it will run an 18s team, all pre-registration fees are non-refundable.  Tryouts will then be held for the team.


If you have interest in participating with us in 2015 on our potential 18s team, please pre-register no later than 10/5.   We will accept 18s pre-registrations beyond this date as well, but if there is not enough interest via pre-registrations by this date, we will not have time to put all the proper logistics in place for the season.


If you have any questions, please contact us at

Open Gyms and Tryout Dates

High Line is happy to announce our 2014 Open Gyms and Tryout times.


10/12 8am-11am  14s&15s

10/19 8am-11am  15s&16s

10/26 8am-11am  16s&17s&18s

11/2   8am-11am  14s&15s


Tryouts 11/9 14 & Under  8am-11am (Registration 730am)


Tryouts 11/16 15,16,17, 18  8am-12pm (Registration 730am)  ***TIMES MAY CHANGE SLIGHTLY***



Free Tryout Winner!

Congratulations to Kelly Schanes for winning our free entry.

She registered early, follows us on Facebook and follows us on Twitter!

Connect with us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and register for tryouts and High LIne MAY award one more free entry!

Tryout Registration Now Open

Tryout registration is now open.  To get the lowest cost (and help us organize!), we offer significant discounts for earlier registrations. 

Early Bird-June 15 until August 15-$25
Regular-August 15-Nov 1-$50
Late Registration Nov 1 to the Friday before Tryout #1:  $75
On site, on line registration (must pay on line at gym):  $100
High Line is back

High Line is happy to announce that we will be back in 2014-15 club season.  Founder and former club director Doug Blystone is turning over the reigns to long time friend and colleague Mike Nguyen for the 2014-15 campaign. "I'm excited to be teaming up with Mike again.  Mike was the right hand man of the club since he joined the club back in 2006.  He brings

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High Line will be offering teams in 2014!

High Line will be offering teams at the following age groups in 2014.


Those age groups are:






If you have any questions, do contact us at