Renegades Gym (Kelly Bolish Gymnasium)

2950 Turnpike Drive, Hatboro PA  19040



JB Tournament 2/5/16 List of Participants

Please email if you are interested in signing up for the JB tournament on 2/5/16. This tournament will be capped at 12 players.

Participants so far:

  1. Riley Stradling
  2. Rylie Burton
  3. Holly Gola
  4. Brooke Edmonds
  5. Christina Nobile
  6. Grace Wuillermin
  7. Allie Ludlow
  8. Shannon Smith
  9. Charlotte Moss
  10. Ciara Coulter
  11. Fiona Douglas
New Club Calendar

Please notice the new Club Calendar below the announcements section on the main page of the website. This may change, but for now we will post practice and tournament information on it.  NOTE:  You must log in to see it.